We asked our attendees... What was your favorite part of CONNECT?

Getting a chance to speak to like-minded people, in the same location, and face to face.

The overall willingness of the members to listen and try to help one another.

I'd have to say it was the 'content' of the sessions!!! Came back to the office with so much usable information...Thank You!!!!

Meeting other users, being able to share P21 experienced and learn from one another.

Meeting new people and finding solutions to our company's issues.

Connecting with people and learning how to more out of our P21 system.

Networking with other users and finding questions and solutions from one another.

The quality, and unbiased nature of the sessions I attended. Again, the technical depth was very helpful.

Learning helpful tools from the classes, and speaking with other users on how they use P21. I got just as much from both. And the vendors offered options that could help us streamline processes or enable us to make processes currently being used more efficient and effective.

Networking and meeting new people, learning their tricks, and solutions.

You all do an excellent job year in and year out! Thank you for all the effort that you put into this event and it shows by the tremendous growth that I've seen just in my ~7 years of attending. I have no doubt that you will continue to put on a great event every year and that's what keeps me coming back.

We were very impressed with the size of the conference, and the knowledge that we gleaned from other members.

Great conference Learned a lot Met a ton of new people.

Very helpful for a new member. Very fresh to the P21 world, the conference helped me broaden my knowledge!

I was very impressed with my first CONNECT. Very well organized. A great value overall. Nice job!

I enjoyed all of the classes that I attended. Being completely new to P21, this conference helped me learn even more about P21.

Good classes offered along with informed speakers and subsequent discussions.

I really liked the sessions offered at this conference. The organization of the conference was fantastic.

My favorite part is networking and interacting with other users. I enjoy learning about how they utilize the system.

My favorite part of CONNECT - Meeting all the other p21 users. Everyone was friendly, and everyone was helping each other. Loved the conference!!

I enjoy talking with other people and hearing issues they have and trying to help out or get ideas.

The combination of it all; educational, networking and fun. You guys do a great job every year. Looking forward to next year!

A well polished and executed event. A great networking opportunity, along with the ability to learn more about P21 and it's applications.

With this being just for P21, it is very easy to network and ask questions of people who have been there or people who are just like you and just now learning P21.

There are always certain things that stand out like the social events or learning the one thing that made the trip worthwhile, but the consistent thing is being with hundreds of other P21 users that all can relate to the same business challenges and goals - networking is key.

I love that WWUG is about learning, not selling us products - and that everyone there is a P21 user. There is plenty of access to knowledge and shared experience - and the instructors are great. I liked the hotel and location also. WWUG always does a really nice job.